Homecoming to an Outland

About the Essay: This photo essay was published in Chrismon magazine, an insert in 6 german major newspapers with a circulation about 1.6 million readers. Published in: Die Zeit, Die Welt, Leipziger Volkszeitung, FAZ, Welt am Sonntag und Süddeutsche Zeitung.

About the Story: Homecoming to an Outland is a story about the people in a German village called Kippenheimweiler where 50% of the population are ethnic German repatriates and 50% locals. The story, a collaboration between a writer, Lorena Killmann and the photographer, Lukas Kreibig, is mainly about immigration, cliché and prejudice. The photo essay illustrates the cultural differences and describes the setting.

Online Version (german): chrismon.evangelisch.de/com...

A Russian German woman is dancing during a coffee party

The "German" side of Kippenheimweiler

Two members of a traditional gun club pose in the club house

Evgenij in his appartment

In Evgenijs allotment garden

German sausage and shashlik during a barbecue

Dish aerials characterize the Russian German cityscape

Martha Kuhn plays with her great-grandchild

Some elder women prepare Pelmeni, a traditional russian food

The choir of the ethnic German resettlers